Price List

Mulch and Topsoil are sold by the cubic yard* These prices are for the 2017 season and are subject to change.

Commercial Customers: 
Please call (860) 242-8806 for bulk pricing on quarry run and recycled materials.

We now carry premium bark mulch from the Vermont Mulch Company! 

Aged Vermont Pine: $38.00/YD
Aged Vermont Hemlock: $46.00/YD

PRICING 2016-2017

Screened Topsoil$16.00/YD
Pine Bark Mulch$28.00/YD
Hemlock Mulch$46.00/YD
Cedar Mulch$46.00/YD
Red Pine Bark Mulch$30.00/YD
Brown Pine Bark Mulch$30.00/YD
Black Pine Bark Mulch$30.00/YD
3/4 Sky Blue$45.00/TON
3/8' Pea Stone$32.00/TON
1/2' Pea Stone$32.00/TON
3/4' Pea Stone$32.00/TON
1 1/4' Pea Stone$32.00/TON
1 1/4' Native Red

3/4' Marble Chip$51.00/TON
3/4' Burgundy$75.00/TON
2' River Rounds$57.00/TON
3' River Rounds$60.00/TON
3/4' Becker Blue$49.00/TON
3/4' Trap Rock$28.00/TON
1 1/4' Trap Rock$28.00/TON
3/4' Process$25.50/TON
1 1/4' Process$25.50/TON

Stone Dust$25.00/TON
Concrete Sand$32.00/TON
Mason Sand$33.00/TON
Pipe Bedding Sand$12.00/TON

1 1/4' Driveway Process$6.00/TON
1 1/2' Recycled Process$6.00 /TON
2 1/2' Recycled Process$6.00 /TON